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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 13, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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s but sometimes things don't go as planned. >> a bikini clad lady gaga lands flat on her back with her boots in the air during a texas concert. she got back on . live, this is kron4 news at 11:00. a string of unsolved murder cases in california may have solved with the arrest of one man. tonight, kron4 has team coverage of the arrest of joseph naso, including a look at his criminal past, and the evidence that investigators have linking him to the murders. plus, we get reaction from his stunned neighbors and why his alleged murder spree may have been nationwide. 77-year-old joseph naso is scheduled to make his first appearance in a county courtroom tomorrow. investigators say the nevada man may be responsible for murders across the country. our top story coverage begins
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with kron4's kate coliseumen who attended today's news conference and when joseph naso is being held without bail. he's accused of murdering four young california women between the heat 1970s and the early 1990s. now, we have a map that can show you where the victims were found. one in marin county in 1977, then across the bay, one in contra costa county in 1978 and two victims were found iniaba county in 1993, and in 1994. you last year, parole officers searched naso's house and found evidence that they say links him to these cold-case murders. >> during that arrest, investigators found items by mr. naso that implicated him in multiple murders of young women. an examination of the items seized, along with the results of a forensic analysis from the
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contra costa sheriff's criminalistics laboratory led investigators to connect him. >> naso will be arraigned at 1:30 in marin county. he will possibly face the death penalty. authorities are also looking into the possibility that he might be responsible for the murders of other young women across the country. kron4 news. >> the body of one of joseph naso's alleged bay area victims, 18-year-oldroxeen rogash was found in fair fax along the boulevard in 1977. the district attorney says forensic evidence found by their office connects naso to her murder. in port costa, the body of another alleged victim was found in 1978. kron4 has learned that naso lived in rochester new york in the early 1970s. that's the same time when several girls were murdered
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there. in 1971, '72 and '73. those murders were known as the double initial murders. and if you look at the victims' names from california, they also have double initial names. and two have the same exact same, carmine colon. new york authorities are looking into the possibility that naso is the killer there. but they say they have no evidence linking him to the deaths and that dna taken from one of the victims in new york did not match naso's dna. joseph naso has an extensive criminal record. his first run-in was in 1950 for rape. then, records show he had several petty larceny arrests and convictions. in 1994, 95, 20003, 2004 and 2007. in april of 2010, naso was living in reno, when probation officers say they found bullets and a newspaper ad for a
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handgun in his home. both are violations of his probation. he's been in jail ever since. >> our coverage continues later in this newscast. we'll go to reno, where neighbors of joseph naso were stunned to find out about his alleged crimes. a live look at storm tracker 4 radar. the storm is approaching, the tail end moving in as we speak, sparking rain and snow at this hour. we'll see rain by tomorrow morning. right now, mostly clear skies, temperatures are quite cool, in the 40s right now. 45 in santa rosa, same thing in napa. we're going to see additional cooling before the clouds continue to move in and rain for tomorrow morning. as you head out the door, grab had umbrella. you're going to need it. scattered light rain showers in the 6:00 hour becoming a little bit more widespread as the morning progresses. by noon, the showers will die down and we'll see clearing into the afternoon. we'll time out the rain in our futurecast coming up in just a bit. a plea for help after a
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recent rash of violence. two shootings in antioch in recent weeks along the sycamore drive area of the city. today, antioch city leaders voiced their concerns about the rash of shootings during a council meeting. kron4's reggie kumar was there and tells us the city's interim mese chief says he needs the mick's help to track down the city. >> reporter: allen con tando spoke to the council inside that building. he says they've stepped up patrols in the sycamore drive area where there's gun violence problems but in order to make arrests he says witnesses need to come forward. >> if we're not witnessing it, we're not getting the support from the victims in these incidents. what we did was realigned our beat structures so we can put an additional officer in that beat. we have that extra body to respond to calls for service. >> what do you think you're having problems with witnesses? do you think they're scared to come forward? >> i don't know if they're scared to come forward, they're
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worry abouted that the court process is going to let them down. sometimes, these victims want to take care of this issue themselves and not get the mese involved, but that's why we're trying to work with the citizens in that area to get that cooperation because in reality if we don't have the victims' cooperation, we're not going to be able to get a successful prosecution. >> reporter: he was had first official to ask the chief about the recent shootings. the rest of the council followed, including mayor james davis the residents deserves a safe a city as any other resident and i think it's incumbent upon all of us to make sure we're being involved and. >> we are doing what we can and we will get a handle on it. [ indiscernible ] >> which the chief says when people call a tip in about a crime like a shooting, just tell the detective they want to remain anonymous and their
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identity will be kept a secret. in antioch, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> california's governor taking on new laws for renewable energy in the state. jerry brown signed new legislation to require the state's utility to harness different energy sources. a look at that ha and a new solar plant in the area just ahead ♪ ♪ [ woman ] this icelandic mud was working wonders on my skin. but if it was going to do the same for my spa, i had to figure out a way to get it back to the states. so i called my citibank small business expert. he got me a line of credit to make it happen and even improved my cash flow. now, my spa has more business than ever. ...and so does our cleaning crew. [ male announcer ] at citibank, we believe small business is a big deal. what's
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this just into the newsroom. the rock ridge bart station is experiencing theys right now because a person has been hit by a bart train. bart officials say the person was struck just after 10:00 tonight. as a result, trains on the pittsburg bay point hine are slowed down. so bart says to expect service delays. we're told that the person is breathing. no word on why that person was on those tracks. tonight's headlines, toyota is suspending production for several days in april and early may in five european plants. it's because of a shortage of
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parts following the massive quake and tsunami. a number of auto parts factories in northeast japan were destroyed, leading to severe shortages for toyota and other auto makers. mese investigating a serial killer confirmed human remains found monday on a new york beach highway in nassau county are human. that makes 10 sets of remains found in recent months. police think a serial killer is responsible for at least some of those deaths. the federal deficit for the 2010 budget year is already at $830 billion and is expected to reach $1.5 trillion. republicans plan to use those figures to push for measures. the president will outline his new deficit-cutting proposals and long-term budget goals in a speech tomorrow. big changes as we head into tomorrow morning. you'll need the umbrella as you head out the door. i'll have details [ coach ] in albuquerque citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls i locked in a rate. coach, you get
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a developing story out of the east bay tonight. a possible hazardous materials spill in newark. this was the scene just a while ago. two alarms at the gas, a medical supply store, indicated a possible choreen leak. clark avenue has been shut down as a safety precaution there. the alameda county fire department is responding. you see the emergency crews on the scene. they will determine the severity of the leak. and now a hook at other top stories covered by our kron4 news crews around the bay area today. we begin with the barry bonds perjury trial where jury deliberations continued. dan customerren has details from the federal courthouse in san francisco. >> barry bonds arrived at the federal courthouse in san francisco shortly after 9:00 tuesday morning, but left a little over six hours later, still not knowing his fate. the jury spent the entire day behind closed doors discussing the evidence and never once returned to the courtroom with a question.
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and by the end of their third full day of deliberations, they still had not reached a verdict. >> bonds faces four charges. he's accused of lying to the grand jury when he said he never knowingly took steroids, never knowingly took human growth hormone and never was injected by greg anderson. he's also accused of obstruction of justice. at the federal courthouse in san francisco, dan customerren, kron4 news. solar power back in the spotlight as part of the solution to california's ongoing energy sneez. governor jerry brown was here on tuesday to help dedicate a new solar panel manufacturing facility as well as to sign into law a new standard for renewable energy. it manditates that 33% of california's energy needs come from sustainable sources bike solar, wind and geothermal by
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2020. new details tonight about the murder of a san francisco teenager. another teen, a 15-year-old boy, is now charged with that crime. 16-year-old andy zeng was found on sunday in a home in the silver terrace neighborhood. the death was initially reported as a suicide but the medical examiner quickly determined the death was suspicious. investigators say traces of fire accelerant were discovered near the body. three other teens face charges of conspiracy in connection with the murder. a fifth teenage suspect remains at large. investigators say the crime is not gang related and that zeng knew the suspects. three kayakers are safe tonight after their kayaks overturned in the san francisco bay. this is video as the men were taken ashore by rescue crews. it happened in mccovey cove by at&t park. the san francisco fire department received a report of several capsized boats just after 4:00. coast guard officials say after one kayak flipped over, a
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second kayak attempting to help also overturned. all three kayakers were transported to a hospital. it's unclear what caused the first kayak to take a spill. the winds were pretty breezy out here there this afternoon, now starting to calm down a little bit. the storm is approaching from the north. you see the tail end of it pushing towards the coastline. going to be seeing rain into tomorrow morning. so definitely grab the umbrella as you head out the door. the rain is not going to be significant, though. we're still going to be seeing light showers through most of the bay area. the 6:00 hour, we have light rain through fairfield also the east bay hills, down in the south bay, as well. but the main band of rain comes through a little bit later. 8:00 in the morning, pockets of heavier rainfall through the north bay for the most part. the 9:00 hour, starting to slide south of the golden gate, moderate rainfall right over san francisco heading towards oakland and take a look at this, in the 9:00 hour, we're going to be seeing -- later part of the 9:00 hour, some
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heavier cells push in, heavy rain, also heavy rain in between oakland and hayward, heavy rain over napa, continuing its southward progression into the 11:00 hour. rain heading towards san jose, also heavier cells of rain near antioch and as we head into the later afternoon hours, the rain really is going to diminish. we'll see increasing sunshine but temperatures boy, they are going to struggle to warm as we head into tomorrow. the morning temperatures quite cool in santa losa, 43 degrees there. into the afternoon, remember, the storm pushes out at about noon, 1:00. at noon, you'll notice temperatures still in the 50s, really struggling to warm. later in the afternoon, we're going to stay in the 50s. 59 in fairfield, let's take a look at everywhere else. 55 in san francisco tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s for our bay shores, 44 along the coast, 58 in san jose. a look at your kron4 seven-day around-the-bay forecast, a showery morning out there
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tomorrow, a cool and mostly sunny afternoon. we will really see decreasing clouds after this push is throw. into thursday, temperatures are going to warm a little bit but still be on the cool side. we're going to take our warmup into the weekend, temperatures into the 70s and even upper 70s in our inland valleys but saturday, staying in the 70s to start next week. baseball returns to japan. gary has that story straight ahead. and tim lincecum and the giants battle john uribe and the dodgers. gary has highlights and
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all right, good evening everybody. great night at the old ballyard, everybody loves the giants. close to 42,000 jammed in for game two. giants and dodgers and lincecum gets rocked in this the 4th inning, juan uribe, if you're into preciseness, how about archway number one?
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uribe hit by a lincecum pitch, he was 1-3 on the night. 3-they, though, the giants come right back in the 5th inning. buster posey to score aaron rowand, 3-4, 4 rbis for posey. lincecum, look at that kid get off the mound. lincecum, though, has had better nights. 5 and 1/3, five hits, three runs but the bullpen got him out of a bases loaded jam. in the 6th, solo home-run, and the giants' lead gone. it is 4-4. but then in the 7th, aaron rowand tripled and comes home on a wild pitch and that is it. brian wilson, rusty in his first two relief appearances, comes on to strike out the side. 5-4 giants. they're now 5-6, very entertaining game tonight, same two teams close out the series tomorrow at 7:15. the a's had a gulp at the finish. trevor cahill, that's what five
12:55 am
years and $30 million looks like, three-run home-run. the shortstop ramirez, cahill 4 and 2/3, white sox have the advantage. but kevin kouzmanoff is going to take one deep, 5-4 athletics after the two-run blast. 5-5 as we said, extra innings. bottom 10, and ramirez, one more time, and everybody goes home. you know who coined the phrase walkoff home-run? dennis eckersly when he was pitching for the a's. he was the first day to say walkoff home-run. >> known for more than just the hair. >> he's terrific. hall of fame reliever and the white sox win, final of 6-5. you're looking at josh hamilton, he's going to be out six to eight weeks. if pujols isn't the best player in the game, this guy probably is. the american league's most valuable player trying to go home on a passed ball and uh-
12:56 am
oh, broke his upper right arm. and the rangers 5-4 loss to the tigers, josh hamilton to miss six to eight weeks. baseball is back in japan for the first time since the earthquake and the tsunami chammed 13 -- claimed 13 lives. there was a moment of -- 13,000 lives. fans happy, of course, for the diversion. they love their baseball over there. and they have it, once again, today. it's hockey playoff time. get ready, the sharkies, thursday and saturday, 7:00 starts against the l.a. kings in san jose. then next week, tuesday and thursday, they are in los angeles for games 3 and 4, and that means playoff beards. randy hahn will grow his beard. we even have a guy, our good friend, you know, jeff busch is dedicating his face to getting
12:57 am
the sharks home. it is very good. hast year, the sharks had a beard-a-on the and raised $10,000 for the sharks foundation. >> i used to do that as a native of san jose. >> i cannot grow a beard. when i was in vegas, everybody had beards or some kind of facial stuff and were dunking and i came out and i tried to -- >> really we can buy you one of those brian wilson beards. >> that's the only shot i got. nothing was -- they warm up, the only guy without any fuzz. i tried, too. i had a couple of strands. it was very unseemly. it was very, very tough. williams stepped back on the tennis court today, the 13-time grand slam champion is coming back after a whole host of health problems, including a blood clot in her lung. he's ranked number one prior to her health issues. she's going to take it day by day but the williams sisters, those young ladies have things
12:58 am
besides tennis in their life so one way or the other, she'll be all right. >> have a good night, everybody. see u ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you.
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